Nortel BCM 50 6.0 Main Unit
Nortel BCM 50 6.0 Main Unit

The BCM 50 6.0 main unit provides call processing and simple data-networking functions. It comes with a full set of standard and IP telephony features that can respond to the varied requirements of your business.
BCM 50 6.0 Features
The system is initially configured 0x0. By activating keycodes the main unit can be configured up to 4 analog trunks, 12 digital stations, 4 analog stations, 32 IP stations, and 12 IP trunks
Also includes 4 connections for auxiliary equipment - auxiliary ringer, page relay, page output, and music source
Up to 2 expansion units can be added which allow the addition of 1 media bay module each; these can be used to add analog/digital stations and analog/digital trunking
Provides 10 voicemail ports with 0 initial mailboxes; voicemail boxes can be activated by keycodes (up to 1000) w/100 hours of storage
Provides four LAN ports: one is the OAM port for technicians, and the other three are for basic LAN connectivity.
New Features for BCM 50 6.0
Advanced Paging Productivity Pack text paging
Find Me/Follow Me enhancements
Meet Me Conference Portal
BCM50 and BCM450 imaging tool
Programming memory button with names for external autodial
CLID enhancements
SIP trunking accounts Set template support for line pool assignment
Remote Worker support
Multi-image hard drive
Product Number: NT9T6506BBNA price: $1,540.00
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