Nortel Doorphone
Nortel Doorphone
The Nortel Doorphone enables office personnel to talk directly with visitors prior to their entering a business. When a visitor presses the Call Button, the Norstar system rings the designated phone(s) in an office and allows two-way conversation. The optional Door Opening Controller enables any Norstar phone to control a latch on a door or a gate.
Allows two-way conversation between Norstar phone and Doorphone.
Can be located up to 2600 feet away from the main system with optional SAP. Requires (1) one unused station port, can ring one or multiple stations, can be used in conjunction with DOC for door strike operations, can be answered by voicemail, up to 4 doorphones per system can be installed compatible with all releases.
Product Number: NTAB1223 price: $217.00
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