Nortel Audio Conferencing Phone
Nortel Audio Conferencing Phone
Nortel Networks Audio Conferencing Unit extends voice connectivity to conference rooms and offices with state-of-the-art clarity and reliability. It includes full-duplex technology and a keypad to access all of the conferencing features available from your Meridian Norstar phone system or BCM (Business Communicatons Manager). The Norstar Audio Conferencing unit is ideal for small to medium-sized conference rooms and offices. Just plug it into a Norstar digital telephone jack. No additional equipment is required. This is a digital Nortar phone that requres no ATA (Analog Terminal Adapter). The built-in keypad gives you easy access to your Norstar conferencing features, like any T-7100 and M-7100 series telephone set.


Exceptional Voice Quality
With incredibly clear voice quality on both ends of the call, the Norstar Audio Conference unit is just like a fact to face meeting.

360-degree Voice Coverage. Three highly sensitive microphones can pick up a voice from any point in a 10'x 15'room. The unit offers the best performance when people are three to six feet from the microphones. But remember: side comments can be picked up from as far away as 25 feet!
Digitally Tuned Speaker. the unit tunes out echoes and background noise and offers a crystal clear sound.

Full Duplex Technology. Voices can be picked up and heard simultaneously--even interruptions and overlapping dialogue. Conversations sound natural, with no clipped words and no time delays.
Product Number: NTAB2666 price: $765.00
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