Norstar Flash II Voice Mail-Price Reduced
Norstar Flash II Voice Mail-Price Reduced
This Norstar Flash 2 Voice Mail is a fully integrated voice messaging and automated attendant system designed to function as a complementary extension of the Norstar. The Norstar Flash Voice Mail 2 has 24 voice mailboxes, two voice channels and 90 minutes of storage. The system has two greeting tables, two custom call routing trees, two levels of custom call routing, a Message Interrupt feature as well as CLID/ANI features when the Norstar system is equipped with CLASS services. Flash Voice Mail is compatible with DR5 systems (3x8, Compact and Modular ICS Release 1 systems). The Flash Voice Mail 2 can be upgraded for additional capacity. The system includes: the Flash Model Voice Mail 2, Feature Cartridge, power supply and documentation.

Additional Facts:
Norstar Flash Voice Mail provides voice messaging and automated attendant capabilities to businesses with one to forty users. It's designed to work with your Norstar business communications system. Features include Auto Attendant, single digit dialing (Custom Call Routing), Cascading Off-Premise Message Notification, and Integrated Calling Line ID. The intuitive Norstar LCD Window steps the user through the features of Flash Voice Mail and reduces training costs.

Auto Attendant serves as an automated receptionist. Auto Operator offers efficient switchboard operator functions, such as Custom Call Routing. Auto Messenger acts as an electronic messenger, recording and sending voice messages.
Product Number: NTAB24 price: $980.00
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